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Rebecca_BrookingRebecca Brooking said...
"The thing I love most about MFLA is the collaboration that happens among the members of the organization. We are true professionals who believe in sharing ideas and learning from one another. The foreign language educators in the Mississippi Foreign Language Association are among the finest in the world!"

Laura_HallLaura Hall said...
"MFLA is the only place where everybody speaks my language.  As a teacher in a rural district, conferences like this remind me I am not alone in this battle.  Someone else understands what I do and is doing the same thing." 

elizabeth_Harrison Elizabeth Harrison said...
"MFLA is a way to connect with someone who understands what you do and what challenges you face in a way that other teachers in your school cannot.  By joining MFLA I have learned that I am not alone--I am a part of something, a community of professionals.  From the conferences I learn new techniques, discuss strategies, and trade ideas.  I can then return to my school, refreshed with the passion that inspired me to teach a foreign language in the first place, and equipped with the tools to help me to make language learning a positive experience for my students."



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